I'm happy you’re here!
As I write this; my 2 year old daughter is napping, I’m sipping my hot coffee turned cold, and listening to John Legend. I'm writing from Louisville, KY where our little family currently lives.

I love mornings; in my house morning means toddler snuggles and breakfast food.. which are too of my favorite things. I enjoy long walks, cool weather, picnics, good music, and long conversations with lots of laughter. I adore my husband, he has really pushed me to pursue that I love, including photography. He is re-writting all that I believe about marriage and men. I’d love to say that we are so trendy, always eating out and going to concerts… but thats just not us. We are homebodies. We love good books, board games, and dancing in our kitchen. it’s the good life.

I started taking photos because I appreciate the simplicity of beauty in every day moments. I love the way the light moves on the floor, the smile that comes after a kiss, I adore the way loved ones interact and bring out the best in each other. I strive to create a comfortable atmosphere so I can capture all these moments and more. 

in conclusion;

I think you’re beautiful and your love is worth capturing from dating to all the babies running around. It's a huge honor to be the one you allow to be there in life most special moments. I’d love to chat, grab a coffee, or chase our kids around the park together to see how I can capture your moments as they happen.