it is good

“The will of God is always a bigger thing than we bargain for, 
but we must believe that whatever it involves,
 it is good, acceptable and perfect.” 

-Jim Elliot


The will of God! What a deep subject, almost “taboo” in the church. People freak out trying to determine the will of God. For some the idea can cause great anxiety or even stress; your mind can wonder if you are inside or outside of Gods will… even so far as falling out at any minute. Each decision causes more stress than the last.

Once someone told me to think of the most perfect beautiful dream, I did, and then they said Gods will for you is better than that. Well my dream was filled with sun drops and rainbows and maybe even traveling the whole world. Now if that happened that would be great but in the church we have to be careful of setting expectations of perfect lives when you know God. Christianity does not fix your life; the Christian life is not easier by praying a prayer. The will of God is that we would return to Him, that He would be our joy, our strength, and our reason for living.

Gods will is better and MUCH bigger than I bargained for. But also bigger than we can imagine, our imagining is often our fleshly desires but it’s flawed in that it’s limited. God is limitless and perfect in His desires. As I learn little pieces of it I can almost become fearful at what it truly is, but there is a perfect love that casts out fear. Trusting God is one of the most valuable lessons a person can learn. You don’t learn to trust a chair by standing, you must sit. You can’t learn to trust God with your life by praying a prayer or by doing what’s comfortable for you; you learn to trust God by walking in faith. You learn to trust by making decisions that may not make a lot of sense but they line up with scripture and even with those little pieces you've seen of His will for your life.

Maybe you, like me, have trouble trusting but deep in my heart there is a truth that comes from knowing. God is good, God makes the best decisions, God is never wrong. I trust in his perfection. His perfection brings my soul comfort that’s deeper than physical comfort. Some people have asked me how I know that God is constant and that I can trust Him. Besides wanting to quote scriptures like crazy, all I can say is I know He is. The sun rises and sets without fail. His consistency is like the sunrise in the morning and the sun setting at night… it happens no matter what they day holds. Trusting God is trusting in the most sure and true thing that there ever was or will be.

Beth MichiemoComment