sweetness of community

“There is strength in numbers”
“There is no I in team”
“A cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken”

Whether you are in the church, on a sports team, or in a family of some sort you have heard someone say phrases like these. You have been steered towards teamwork and unity.

But the truth is everything in life fights against community.

Something inside us always longs for community, but the world around us has taught us that community brings pain or drama. We hate the feeling of being alone. We always want someone to talk to about life; good and bad things alike. We have a mixed desire for community and for independence. If you have lived beyond the age of 5 we know that it can be messy and so much of life tends to lead us towards independence to avoid the mess.

My favorite things about community are the simple things like; cups of coffee become doorways to conversations, music becomes memories, movies become inside jokes, everyday activities become extravaganzas, writings become sweeter, and learning becomes a way of life. I love the growth that happens because of sharing; sharing stories, laughter, hardships, possessions, space, and time.

I’m not saying that it’s easy; I have had my fair share of annoyances. I have wanted to scream words that should never come from a ladies mouth. I still hate it when people borrow my clothes and don’t give them back, I don’t like it when people are in the bathroom when I need to be, or even when I have done wrong or offended someone and need to make it right. It's not always just sweet, but because of the hard things you learn to appreciate the wonderful things. In my community I feel deeply loved, they are always seeking my good. They want me to become a woman that is faithful, inspirational, fearless, and kind. They call me out when I act contrary to my own standards. They are the ones that dance with me when I get promotions and cry with me when I am just having a bad day.

I love the feeling of not doing life alone, of knowing that someone is praying for me. Our imperfections often lead us to reconciliation, which then deepens our bond. Seasons of life change, sometimes all too often, but there has never been a season when I wasn't thankful I invested in something that multiplies joys and divides sorrows. Community is a sweet thing.

Beth MichiemoComment