Mary's music on Mondays

In the south it's rainy, snowy, and everything is closed. Maybe you're sick of Netflix and want some winter night tunes to keep you company. I have asked my dear friend Mary to share some of her recommendations with us, believe me she's got the best taste in music around.

1. Poor Man's Son - Noah Gundersen

2. Til The Sun Turns Black - Ray Lamontagne

3. Cold Water - Damien Rice

4. Forever Blue - Kina Grannis

5. Meadowlarks - Fleet Foxes

6. Live Forever - Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

7. O, Sequoia - The Tree Ring

8. November - The Wilderness of Manitoba

9. In The Park - The Dwells

10. Sinking Friendships - Jónsi

11. River of Gold - Daniela Andrade

12. All My Days - Alexi Murdoch

13. Honey, It's Alright - Gregory Alan Isakov

14. Big Eyes - Matt Corby

all songs available on spotify 👌

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