baby things I love as a momma

I’m a pretty simplistic momma, I try to keep Eden entertained in simple ways and with little things. I like holistic approach to all things cry related. Eden has had a lot of tummy troubles but is overall a pretty simple babe. She loves baths & car rides. Still falls asleep wherever she pleases. We can lay her in her crib awake and she put herself to sleep, some times I rocker cause I want to. She mostly has made her own schedule and I just help her with that. With that all being said, there are things that I am SOOOO thankful for as a mom. When she's crying I want to help, and I want that help to be the best help I can give her. When she wants to play I wanna play with intentionality and purpose.

colic calm
it’s homeopathic gripe water…. and its a lifesaver! seriously. I’m so thankful for how quickly it can calm her stomach from gas or anything.

aiden and anais bib/burp cloth
this is a burp cloth that you can snap together to make a bib, Eden spit up more than a little so those little cute baby ones weren’t cutting it.

gentle baby essential oil
all day everyday! I have roll on mixtures with this for her tummy and feet. I defuse it. I use it myself. It’s a blend that helps with mood and overall well being for your babe and postpartum self.

essential oils (in general)
I put a couple of drops of lavender in her baths, I have a lavender and cedar wood mixture roll on for sleep. She gets little messages with it…. We use them everyday.

burts bees everything
I love all of their baby stuff. it’s not too girl or to boy-y. their towels and wash clothes are soft and durable. their clothes are also the softest ever and great quality. Eden skin has never had any adverse reactions to their washes or lotions.

CLOTHES & headbands
a lot of people ask me where I get Eden’s clothes, it’s a 85% chance they are from old navy online. I try to shop small, I would say it’s a goal but sometimes I get lazy or we are short on money. Shopping small is always better quality and most likely funding another momma to stay home SO I’M ALL ABOUT THAT. Eden almost always has on a head band, I love them and all of these are from small shops that I adore. links to some of my favorite little shops are below.
jean&june  alice&ames junepark fawn&forest  rylee&cru fourthandpierce 

amber teething necklace
because I think it works I’m thankful for it, and when your baby starts teething you will be willing to try anything so its worth at least that.

Eden doesn’t have a lot of toys. We have been pretty intentional to not overstimulate her and also for our house not to become a giant playroom (mom fear). She has a fox that has different textures and a little easy to grab rattle that she started playing with under two months of age. everything else is just teeters and security blankets. She is pretty content to have those things, read a book, look at her self in the mirror, or have long "conversations" with mom.

mirror in the car
the one that stripes to the headrest so you can see your babe. I just really love it, mainly because I like to look back and see her normally gazing out the window or sleeping. It’s just a good little thing to give peace of mind while your driving.

box in the living room
one day Tim said maybe we should get a box to throw all of Edens stuff in really quick to clean up. genius! So not we just throw burp cloths, teethers, pacifiers, her toys, and blankets in there to declutter or for quick clean up.

swaddle blankets
you can never have too many. We used them when she was small enough to swaddle, we also use them to just throw on the floor for tummy time. 
little unicorn

Sling & Carrier
For those clingy day or just to hold them close I am SOOO thankful for the invention of baby carriers. I think it's good for momma baby bonding and trust building and they seem to enjoy it. In the Texas heat eden didn't really go for the ergo until recently. But I wore her in a sling for shopping and little chores around the house and she loves it. Link below.

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