taylor + allie| rustic grace estate

I've met Allie a couple times over the years through a dear friend we share. Allie has always had a humble confidence, a distinct strength, and the sweetest disposition. When I heard she met a guy online and fell in love, I was surprised because it seemed outside of her comfort zone. it was, but praise Jesus she's also quite fearless. When I talked with Taylor and Allie over Skype I saw so much love and tenderness between them. they seemed to fit just right together. 
He also seemed strong, maybe it's because he is a firefighter/paramedic, which is super impressing... or maybe it was the fact that he didn't even mention it. He had a humble confidence, distinct strength, and sweet disposition too... with a side of silliness. puzzle pieces.
Skip forward to their wedding. every decoration was timeless, classy, and simple. every face was tearfully smiling. everyone talked about what a gift it was that they both took a chance on the internet to meet, one in a million they said. 
Allie was intentional in every minute, first looks with grandparents and fathers. Prayer time with all the women that made her who she had become... a daughter, cousin, friend, and a wife. all the while Taylor was outside shaking everyones hand, thanking every vendor (BY NAME) for being there and making this day happen for them.
they loved people well, they honored Christ in their day, and it was an immense joy to capture. thank you Allie & Taylor for yesterday. Have the best honeymoon and enjoy every second together. it's all a gift.