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Megan & Josh Page// Chapel Ana Villa- The Colony, Texas

I cannot even begin to describe how perfect the pictures that Beth captured for my wedding were. Her eye for natural beauty, and the way she captured the day was so perfect. I can now remember the best day of my life so accurately because of these pictures!!


Jessica & Kyle Spielmann// Moonlit Farms- Palmyra, Indiana

I love Beth Michiemo Photography! Her photos are amazing but what is the best thing is her as a person. She is the sweetest to work with and makes you feel so comfortable. She just feels like a friend that you have known all your life. Also she got my husband to smile and look like he was actually happy in our engagement and wedding photos so that is priceless. I would highly recommend her!

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Hannah Gill// Tyler, Texas

not only can she take a beautiful photo, but she makes the people she's working with feel comfortable, confident, and like the most important person in the world to her. She's a true talent and i give her the best review in the book!