28 weeks: simple thoughts

If I stand up straight, I can't see my feet. All I can see is Eden Grace in all her growing glory.

She moves the most in the morning. At about 6:30ish she is up and moving and ready for momma to eat something.

I have some stretch marks on the bottom part of my stomach, I haven't been able to see that part of my stomach so the lotion hasn't been getting there.

I wake up 2 times a night to go to the bathroom. 

Sometimes I wake up around 2:30am and I have to eat before I can fall back asleep.

I have never felt more peace, her little kicks and flips have all of my attention. she is one of the greatest joys in this season. 

When Tim talks to her my eyes tear up. He is becoming the best dad ever. 

Today he told me my belly was in the way of him doing something, we are at that point.

I can rest a mug on my stomach ️ which is great because I sold one of our coffee tables.

Nesting is real and I think about our house 1/2 of my day. Cleaning, organizing, lists.... All of it.

I'm not craving anything; I like carrots and breakfast food the most though. (I think I'm just using pregnancy as a reason to "crave" breakfast all day... honest & shameless)

I have never been so thankful that my style has always been "loose, flowy, and comfortable" almost all my clothes still fit and they are still comfortable just less loose and flowy 

Maternity jeans/leggings are the best thing that's ever happened. I'm convinced of it. If you aren't pregnant and you want to buy maternity leggings... I say go for it!

I'm reading proverbs of the day and Ann of Green Gables to her. Tim is reading her pilgrims progress

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