baby ellis//hospital newborn session

Ellis is the answer to a thousand, probably closer to a million, prayers. When I started attending our church here in Louisville I remember within the first weeks hearing of Emily & Kris Burns who were pursuing embryo adoption. Which my heart automatically was drawn to, our friends have a little girl through embryo adoption and I think the whole process is such a miracle. each baby is a miracle. When the embryo was implanted and stuck we all praised Jesus for his kindness to this sweet couple.
Ellis was born a couple weeks early, his mama joked that he wanted 20 years after conception to live so he was anxious to come. This little fighter grew quickly in the NICU and it was an absolute joy to meet him and capture these sweet photos of him at a month old.
If you’d like to hear more of their story or what the heck embryo adoption is here is a link to their video.

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