my prayer for you, sweet eden

eden grace is ten months old. it’s beautiful the way her little personality is starting to shine through even more. she is learning and growing more everyday. 

she is always so proud of herself for new accomplishments, she loves trying new things, and she loves celebrating the new things she tries. she is strong, loves people, and has the sweetest disposition. she has so much joy, if you’ve seen any videos of her you’ve seen thejoyful screaming, the clapping, the smiles and contentment. 

she focuses so intently on the texture, shape, and sounds of things. she listens when we say no but sometimes gentle moves towards something again to see if we really meant what we said.

she loves playing independently but prefers for us to be within sight. she loves all of our friends and family and is ok with them holding her, it’s like she knows when we are comfortable or when we don’t really know people. 

she loves being outside, she can stare at the trees and touch everything on the ground for hours. she loves the dogs maybe more than she loves people haha. she is very reasonable about most things, she doesn't get dramatic about falling down or when someone takes something from her. EXCEPT food. there is no reasoning, no explaining, and no patience when it comes to food. she wants it all and she wants it now… and she wants yours too. but if you give her some of yours she will also feed you some of hers, yes I’ve been force fed soggy cheerios by my child. more than once.

she is such a good sleeper, still no pacifiers and not attached to any blankets or anything. the closest thing is george (the monkey) she likes to snuggle with him while she sleeps, but if he’s not there any animal will do. 

lastly, everything stops the moment she hears music. she loves everything about instruments and they always immediately have her attention, even if she is eating she pauses to acknowledge.

she claps her hands; says yay, baby, and momma. she has 8 teeth.


Eden means place of delight or paradise. she is that to us. she is a joy is every way. the sacrifices we make to be her parents are rubbish when compared to the pure joy that is our everyday as we watch her grow and become herself.

we named her eden for a constant reminder of perspective and hope. that one day all things will be made new. the sadness and hardship of this life will fade and there will be a new Eden. and we will be with God again in perfect communion. WE CAN’T WAIT.
Grace means unmerited favor. since our marriage Tim and I have gone through a lot externally. finances being the greatest thorn in our side. I am almost convinced that even dave ramsey would be baffled by the amount of curve balls thrown our way. but eden reminds me every day that we have favor from God. that grace is our through Christ that he knows what we need and when we need it and he fulfills it all. Grace upon grace, covering everything everyday. OH WHAT SWEET TRUTH.

the reason I say all of this is because I see her become her name as we speak it over her. 

the other day someone asked her name, and then she said… “I hope she doesn’t live up to her namesake” meaning the garden of eden. I kindly told the elderly lady that the garden did nothing wrong. The garden itself was paradise, a host of all things beautiful. a place where God could dwell in perfect unity with man. the garden was the creative expression of Gods perfection, earth was all the most beautiful things God could create to display his glory and the garden was the accumulation of that created beauty. the garden was beautiful, thats why sinful people like Adam, Eve, you, and I were cast out… but not forever. he will make all things new and right and beautiful again. so I hope she does live up to her name.


my prayer for you, Eden, is that you would be a host for beauty. that all people would be welcomed by you. the hurting, the struggling, the poor, the fortunate, the wealthy, all races would be loved by you. that you would display Gods beauty, that you would be a host of the nations. that you would point people towards something even more beautiful, Christ. that your joy and your determination would open doors for you. that the curiosity and love you have for life would carry you far to see and experience this world. and that you would be curious about people, that you would listen to their stories and share love and truth with all you find.

that I would nurture your love for the outdoors by exploring, trips, and time outside daily. I never want you to be more entertained by a phone or screen than by peoples stories and long walks through the woods. I pray that the side of you that is detail oriented finds the smallest glimpses of good and beauty in everything, that you never stop learning and figuring out new uses for things.

I pray that your ear for music increases and the joy you have making “music” now would bring your heart peace and delight. When words don’t have enough meaning, I’ve found those words set to music carry the correct weight. so I pray that you would always dance to the rhythm of life and sing your way through even the darkest of days

I hope that you are always so proud of yourself, that you have pure excitement over your accomplishments and those of others. I pray you love to celebrate life with others, that everyday you have a reason to throw a party, and that your sense of excitement never is tamed by social acceptance. 

I pray that your love for food in variety would always increase, that you would love trying new things and sharing the food you have with others. I pray that you would always experience the rest that comes with good sleep. Van Gough said “a day well spent brings happy sleep,” and I hope that you have endless well spent days.

I also pray that on hard days when your problems are bigger than teething, messed up schedules, or diaper rashes that you find comfort first in God… but also in your family. that you always want to cuddle up with me and read books. that you want to tell me about your woes and pray that God would have his way in your life and that he would heal and fix what needs fixing. 

I love you sweet girl and it’s my greatest honor to watch you become who God has so purposefully created you to be. I truly believe that all of these little things about you now are things that God has gifted you with and that as you grow up and, I pray, grow closer to Him; you will see that He is your greatest treasure, your greatest aim, and that He gives life the most precious meaning. 

thank you God for 10 months, amen.

Beth MichiemoComment