Photography: my “business” philosophy

It was suggested to me that I should to make a business philosophy; how I will make goals and decisions for my business as it has picked up quite a bit in the last few months. I am a creative, left brained individual, but I can be very detail oriented and, actually, a huge planner if need be. I know this isn’t your typical business philosophy or goal sheet but I did want to share my vision behind what I do and where I want to stay as I grow.

I seek to make God’s name great in everything I do, that includes every photo that I take. He is the author of beauty and I desire for you to see your love, family, wedding day, and moments through the lens of His beauty and grace towards you. That every moment is perfectly planned and crafted by God himself and that your life is the most beautiful story ever told.

I think you are great. Even if I haven’t met you, I think you are great. I have never met a person that didn’t have great value, unique beauty, and a story worth telling. There is nothing more picture worthy than love; the way a man can love a woman, a woman can love her children, the look anyone can get in their eye when they love something… like no one else exists and they are floating. That’s my favorite things to capture, your authentic and real moments. I love the details that go into making a beautiful photo; the way the light looks on someones hair, the curves of someones face, and the way nature and architecture is the perfect backdrop to tell someones story. I want you to feel comfortable, close, and like it’s the most special day with those you love. Every time some one asks me to do a session of any kind I am honored. being involved in your life for whatever season or occasion really is something that makes my heart soar.

I have to continue to grow; reading books, taking classes, learning technics, and asking the right questions of more experienced photographers. My desire is to grow to make everyones photos as special as they can be, as much as it depends on me. Financially I want for costs and needs to be met for my husband and I; for us to not go into debt for things like school, travel, and future planning. But I also will do anything and everything I can to keep costs down/ to a minimum for my clients. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to have your moments captured. I will always seek to work with you in finding out with plans and sessions will work best for you so that we can both be in a good spot. 

I am still trying to figure out how to market myself (I’m avoiding it because I hate it) and how to be a good steward of the gifts I have been given. the opportunity presented to me has become the greatest blessing to me and I pray that I am able to bless many through it also.

Beth MichiemoComment